​Zimbabwe|​Frequently Asked Questions?

​Frequently Asked Questions?

Best time to visit Zimbabwe for a safari?

Generally May to September is great for game viewing, it’s dry and the animals tend to head for the waterholes at the lodges. This is also before temperatures get quite high from October.

Best time to visit Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls?

Victoria Falls best seen in full flood after the summer rains, this is usually February to May. Combine a visit to the Victoria Falls with a safari in Hwange National Park in May and you have a great holiday in Zimbabwe.

Which currency should I use in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe now has its own currency – Zimbabwe Dollar and you should change GBP£ or USD$ to the local currency on arrival. This said many restaurants around Victoria Falls will still show prices in USD$ and you may pay in USD$ or by Visa credit card if you prefer. Some lodges/hotel may charge a card handling fee. Please note that this information is subject to change as monetary issues are very volatile in Zimbabwe.

Do I need a visa for entry into Zimbabwe and how long should my passport be valid for?

If you are travelling on a British passport, you will need a visa for entry into Zimbabwe. This can be paid in USD$ and is currently USD$50.00 per person. We advise to carry the correct denomination per person. A British passport should have a clear 6 months validity left from the date of return. It is also essential that you have 2 clear pages, plus an additional page per country that you may visit in addition to Zimbabwe, for visa stamps.

What is the time difference in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is GMT+2

How do I get to Zimbabwe?

There are several airports in Zimbabwe, the most being used are Victoria Falls, Harare and Bulawayo. We mostly use Victoria Falls Airport via Johannesburg.

Do I need malaria tablets for Zimbabwe?

Ideally we recommend that you check with your GP or travel nurse for the most up to date advice and this should be 6-8 weeks before departure. We do advise all travellers to Zimbabwe to take malaria precautions. Avoid mosquito bites by wearing suitable clothing such as long-sleeved tops and long trousers or leggings, especially after the sun sets. Use a good deet based insect repellent on any exposed skin.

What should I take on safari in Zimbabwe?

Cotton layers such as vest t-shirts, t-shirts, a light fleece, shorts and a pair of long trousers are the key items. The temperature can vary quite a bit from the early morning game drive to the heat of the day. Sun screen, a hat and a swimming costume are the other necessities. It is best to avoid bright colours for a safari. Footwear should include a pair of sandals or flip flops and some walking shoes, trainers would be fine. Aside from clothes, we also recommend the following items; insect repellent, a torch, a pair of binoculars, tissues/wet wipes, some headache/pain killer tablets, some tummy settler tablets as a precaution, also some re-hydration sachets are handy to have. It is easy to get dehydrated without noticing, even though drinking water will be readily available.

Can I charge my camera/phone/ipod on safari?

Almost all safari lodges in Zimbabwe will have the facility for you to charge your appliances although they may rely on generators and so we advise to travel with fully charged battery packs too. It is best to travel with the correct adaptor too.

How much should I tip while on safari or on holiday in Zimbabwe?

We provide a guideline only to gratuities because, of course, this depends on the service that you have received. Here are our suggestions:

Safari camps and game lodges rangers – USD$10 per guest/per day.

General safari camp and lodge staff – USD$5 per guest/per day for safari camps. We suggest placing this in your room per day so the right people receive the gratuity but some camps/lodges will have a communal tipping box at the reception area.

Housekeeping staff at hotels – USD$5 per room per day

Porterage – USD$1 per person

Transfer drivers - USD$2 per person

Restaurants / Hotels - 10% of the bill is customary if you feel the service was great.