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Victoria Falls

In the early 1800′s the Kololo tribe that lived in the area described Victoria Falls as ‘the smoke that thunders’ such is the power of the water.
The sheer mass of water cascading down the 100m drop across nearly 2km makes a thunderous roar from which it got its name. Today it is recognised as one of the World’s great wonders and tourists flock to see columns of spray that can be seen from many miles away. The wide Basalt cliff over which the water thunders transforms the Zambezi from a placid river to a ferocious torrent.

Victoria Falls, Safari holidays in Zambia

Livingstone is a historic colonial town most famous for its proximity to the Victoria Falls. The town has experienced a revival in the last decade with the old colonial style buildings which line the shaded main avenue, being renovated and now housing shops, cafes and a variety of local businesses. Livingstone offers a wide range of activities from the challenge of white water rafting and bungy jumping, to the awe-inspiring elephant back safaris and sunset cruises. Livingstone has something for everyone.

When is the best time to see the Victoria Falls? Water flow over the Falls varies throughout the year. The river’s annual flood season is February to May when the spray can reach a height of over 400m, this is spectacular from above but it makes it very difficult to see the Falls at ground level as it is under a heavy shower/mist.  At this time there are  excellent opportunities for the adrenalin junkies to raft the rapids or enjoy a jet boat trip! However due to the heavy spray, photographic opportunities may be a little tricky and waterproof ponchos come highly recommended.

Water levels start dropping in August and are at their lowest October – December when much of the rocky face becomes dry. At times of low water, the falls are best viewed from the Zimbabwe side or from Livingstone Island.

Visits to the Victoria Falls and Botswana are especially popular during July, August and September when the Okavango Delta is in full flood and the Victoria Falls still looks very impressive. During the winter months the Falls tend to be segmented and have a much lower flow, but this is a great time to swim to the edge in the Devil’s Pool, and the spray should not be such a problem for photographers!

The Victoria Falls and Livingstone offer a variety of exceptional hotels and lovely lodges on the banks of the Zambezi River.

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