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The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is one of the world’s largest inland deltas, situated in the middle of the largest stretch of continuous sand in the world – the Kalahari basin

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The Okavango is one of the most popular places for a honeymoon safari in Botswana, with its romantic tented safari camps that are hidden on the lagoons and waterways. What better to way to enjoy a safari than gliding peacefully through the waterways on your private mokoro canoe?! The experts at Visons of Africa can help you plan that once in a lifetime honeymoon holiday which includes the Okavango Delta and a couple of other lodges or even combined with a stay at the Victoria Falls.

Visitors on a safari holiday in Botswana to the Okavango Delta can expect to see an incredible variety of wildlife from this rich, yet fragile ecosystem in the middle of the desert. Species have adapted to the contrasting conditions created by living in the harsh Kalahari desert, transformed annually with the arrival of the delta flood waters originating in Angola.

The Okavango Delta is home to crocodile, zebra, giraffe, and the ‘Big 5′ as well as an abundance of bird and plant life. The fishing is also excellent, particularly in the north western sector where you can expect to catch tiger fish, large mouth bream, tilapia and nembewe (olive bream).

The Okavango wetland encompasses Moremi Game Reserve and surrounding regions divided into areas known as Private Concessions. These concessions are wildlife management areas, carefully administrated to balance the growing community’s development and conservation, whilst empowering citizens through sustainable tourism. Many of the exclusive safari lodges in Botswana are situated within these concessions in the delta, providing an unparalleled Botswana safari holiday wildlife experience – exclusive and remote, avoiding mass tourism and exploitation.

Flood levels fluctuate dramatically throughout the year, with high water levels peaking in the central Okavango during the dry winter months and water levels at their lowest during the later summer months, contrary to the seasonal rainfall.

The landscape, activities and game viewing on a Botswana safari holiday varies considerably throughout the delta depending on your location, the season and flood levels. Some areas have larger tracts of permanent dry land which generally means there is more focus on land based activities (game drives) and big game viewing.

Safari lodges situated on islands deep in the delta concentrate more on water activities such as mokoro excursions, walking, boating, fishing and bird watching.

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Safari lodges situated on the outer fringes of the delta, referred to as the ‘seasonal’ delta, offer varied experiences at different times of the year – more water based during high flood levels and more land based as the flood recedes.

The extensive inland river delta offers one of the most unique opportunities for a boat safari holiday. Mokoro (dugout canoe) trips are at a much slower pace and concentrate on the smaller inhabitants of the waterways, insects, birds and amphibians. You can be lucky and come across elephant or antelope crossing the channels but it is generally a more sedate type of Botswana safari experience.

Game is more concentrated around the permanent water during the dry season (Apr – Oct) with it becoming very hot in the later months. The heronries become active as the migrant birds return to Botswana from September through November, and general bird watching is excellent throughout the summer months. The rainy season (Nov – Apr) invigorates the lush scenery with wild flowers, dramatic thundershowers, spectacular sunsets and the birthing season brings great predator and prey interaction.

A safari in Botswana can be tailored to be as relaxing or as exhilarating as you wish. Let us help you plan your next Botswana holiday, tailor-made to suit your interests and your budget.

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