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Family Safaris

Family Safaris

There are a number of safari lodges and beach hotels that specifically cater for family safaris, offering child friendly activities, special meals and baby sitting, ensuring that both the adults and children get the best from the holiday.

Lucy has just returned from a family safari holiday in South Africa, travelling with her 6 year old daughter, so she has a good insight into the best properties for families, and can offer some helpful advice on travelling with young children in Africa.

Some safari lodges will not take children under 12 or have special rules about children on game drives, so it is best to check that the lodge does cater for children. Lodges which do, will offer shorter game drives ( a normal game drive for adults will last 3 hours) and keep small children away from predator sightings, focussing on smaller mammals instead. They also offer activities such as bug-collecting, with a chance to view specimens under a microscope; making Plaster of Paris moulds from animal footprints and making animal shaped cookies or dough or animals.

At the beach there are a number of family friendly hotels which offer Kid’s Clubs and supervised activities, as well as DVD libraries, pool tables and the essential internet connectivity!

Our experts would be happy to discuss in more detail, the options available for a family friendly safari holidays, to ensure the most appropriate property and destination for your special family safari holiday or beach holiday.

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